Our whiskies

Hiernagla Single Malt Whisky

November 1st 2023 we released our first single malt whisky, Ravnafloke Single Malt. Five years and nine months after Hiernagla was established, aiming to make the finest single malt whisky.

Lightly peated single malt

May 2024 we released our most recent whisky, called Torfæus.

Our Whisky

Distinct distillery character

The whole process from milling the malted barley, to bottling happens at the distillery. This gives us full control of the quality in every step of the production.  We use the purest water from our own well. Long fermentation time makes a flavourful wash, rich in esters. We double distill on 1000 liter Hoga stills and the result is a newmake full of flavours and distillery character. We use a variety of selected oak casks to mature the finest whisky.

Filled in casks

Of top quality

The newmake is filled in casks of great quality, and stored for maturing in our warehouse. It is unisolated and naturally vented. With the coastal climate with mild winters and cool, moist summers, the conditions are ideal for maturing whisky. We produce peated and non peated whisky. Our latest product will be malted with local peat.