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From the Scottish Islands

to the western Norway

Our story starts with a sailing trip in Scottish waters in 2013. Surrounded by old castles and beautiful countryside-reminiscent of our own weathered nature in western Norway-we began to wonder how the whisky making conditions in Scotland actually differed from the conditions we had back home.


Thus, the dream of the world’s finest whisky experience was born with the simple question:”Why can’twe make whisky at home in Sunnhordland?” What started with four friends on a sailing trip, was allowed to mature for five years and eventually, the five owners were proud to unveil their newly etsablished distillery in Sveio, 10 minutes drive north of Haugesund.


The name Hiernagla means ‘sword rivet’ and was the name of Tjernagel- a small fishing village, a little further north of Haugesund. Our logo element itself was inspired by a 3000-year-old gold bangle found nearby our distillery.

The Distillery


Our first milestone was in February 2019, when the manufacturing license was approved and the handmade potstilles arrived from Spain. In September of the same year, our first spirit was produced. Then, in November, our first whisky was put into casks.


We produce both peated and unpeated whiskies at our distillery, more details of which can be found on our product page. In addition to single malt whisky, we also make gin, aquavit and rum.


Værbitt Skogsbær, from our gin series Værbitt, won double gold medal in the San Fransisco World Spirit Competition in 2022.

Our products can be ordered from the Norwegian Vinmonopolet, and some can be found at certain Vinmonopol outlets, and in selected bars and restaurants.