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Private casks

Your own

Whisky cask

Do the idea of your own cask and whisky bottle on the shelf tempt you, and do you want to join our adventure? You can buy your own private cask, fill it yourself, and follow maturation and development of the notes on a yearly tasting until your whisky is bottled and ready for you.

About your cask

Example: Private casks are 40 liters, but since it is handcrafted, they will vary some.

The price is(in NOK, and with Norwegian taxes)

8900,-. For the cask, bottles, labels and storage for three years.

17 000,. For new make which is filled in the cask

25 800,. At deliveries of the bottles (via Vinmonopolet) – to cover taxes and fees at the time of bottling

Total apx. 51 700,-


The taxes and fees are based on alcohol content (%) and how many liters is left in the cask after maturing. During maturing of high alcohols in a cask, some of the liquor will evaporate and some be absorbed into the wood. This is called the angels share and will vary from cask to cask, and how long it is stored.

Contact us for more details if this sounds interesting.

Whisky ambassador

In return for a loan of 10.000,- NOK, you become an ambassador for one named whisky cask. During its maturation, you gain rights every year.

You also get to:

Participate on gatherings for Whisky Ambassdors at Hiernagla

Get “interest” according to the sales price of the rights gained

Rights to buy bottles from the cask, the same number as your gained rights

Discount on glasses, t-shirts etc. from Hiernagla

Contact us for more information.