A Tree Planted for Every Litre of Whisky Sold

Traditionally, exclusive single malt whisky uses additional carton packaging. We have made a conscious choice not to use such excessive packaging for the sale of our products. Instead, we have pledged to plant a tree for every litre of our single malt whisky sold. We have entered into a partnership with a local entrepreneurial company that offers certified Co2 compensation (BIO-CCS) through the planting of trees. We have chosen to name ‘our’ part of the forest area ‘Hiernagla Forest’. We will share more information about the forest and the development when the planting starts.

Our journey towards becoming climate positive

We are dependent on electricity for production, and with our new solar cell system on the distillery roof, we are able to produce enough energy to cover half of our annual consumption. Waste heat from production is then recovered and used to heat our premises. All leftover material from the mashing process, the draff, is sent to a local farmer, who in turn uses this as feed for his cattle. In the production of whisky, we use local peat from bogs that are already part of areas for redevelopment. We use small quantities, and only burn peat to flavour the malt. We are strong believers in circular economy and apply these principals wherever possible. We also work continuously to find new methods and processes that can further reduce consumption and increase recycling of energy.

Local peat

Producing whisky with local peat is one of our next projects. We will use peat from local bogs that are already approved for removal. We burn peat for flavour, not for heating of the malt. Therefor we need small amounts of peat in the production. This will reduce emissions from peated malt that we now transport from abroad.