Limited edition


Hiernagla Aquavit

Every year we will fill one or two casks with aquavit and every autumn a limited number of bottles will be available. The aquavit is slow distilled at our 50 liter pot still and filled in special casks for maturation.

The 2023 aquavit is available in the order-selection of the Vinmonopolet (bestillingsutvalget) on 6.9.2023. Contact your local shop to inquire about the availability. They can help you order the aquavit.

Hiernagla Fatmodna Akevitt 2023 has article number 16286502 at Vinmonopolet.

There is a limited number of numbered bottles released.

The 2022 aquavit was made available in the additional selection of the Vinmonopolet (tilleggsutvalget) on 7.12.2022. It was sold out within days.