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We are a small-scale craft distillery with ambitions of making the world’s finest single malt whisky.

Our Story

Releases 2024

Our first Whisky, Ravnafloke, was released in November 2023. Wednesday 8th May, our next whisky in a series of limited editions will be made available at Vinmonopolet. Torfæus is a peated whisky with notes of apricot, mango, spicy wood, sticky toffee and honey.
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To make a lower impact on the environment, we also plan to rebrand our gin's with new bottles before the summer. Stay tuned for updates.

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Inspired by the coast

Gin Series: Værbitt

We recommend trying our Værbitt skogsbær gin, winner of double gold medal in the San Fransisco World Spirits Competition in 2022.

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Each year we age a few casks of aquavit, and when autumn comes around, a limited quantity of bottles is released.

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Visit the distillery

Guided tours and private events

Come join us on a tour of the distillery where you can learn and explore how we make our single malt whisky. We will give you insight into the different steps in the process, explain which raw materials are used, look at how to pair casks for different spirits and discuss what happens durin the ageing process. The tour also includes the possibility to taste our whisky, gin, aquavit and rum.


If you wish to host your own private event at our distillery, birthdays, anniversaries or meetings, contact us for prices and detailed information.

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