Welcome to

Hiernagla Brenneri

– a small scale hand craft distillery with a goal to produce really good single malt whisky.

Our Story

We are proud to announce

Our first cask was three years at 24th of November andcan now officially be called whisky.

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Inspired by the coast

Værbitt Gin

In the summer of 2021 our newest member of the gin family, Værbitt Havbris (Seabreeze) was released.

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Every year we will fill one or two casks with aquavit and every autumn there will be a limited amount of bottles available.

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Guided tours and events

Come join us for a guided tour orhave your own event in the distillery

We tell the story behind our products and how we make them from the different raw materials throughout the process till it is whisky, A guided tour includes a visit at the warehouse for the casks and of course the possibility to taste the “whisky to be”, gin and aquavit.

Guided toursEvents