Our first whisky

Ravnafloke Single Malt Whisky


November 1st 2023 we released our first single malt whisky. Five years and nine months after Hiernagla was established, aiming to make the finest single malt whisky.

Most of our whisky will be left to mature for a few more years. While we wait for the maturation, we have decided to release a collector serie in five limited releases. They will be named after famous historical persons from Haugalandet.

For every litre of whisky sold, we will plant a tree to climate compansate. See more under environment.

Ravnafloke is the name of our first whisky.

Named after Floke Vilgerdsson, who was born near Viksefjorden around the year 830 just a few kilometers from where Hiernagla lies today.

In year 870 Floke set sail to discover Gardarsholm which he later named Iceland. With him on his journey, amongst others, he brought his wife and family and the three men Thorolf, Herjolf and Faxe.

After rowing the ships to the outside of Straumen, Floke held blot to Odin. Floke and his men raised two standing stones on the spot where the blot was held, one of them is still standing to this day.

The first stop on their journey was Shetland where one of his daughters drowned. They sailed on to the Faroe Islands, where another of his daughters was wed.

After some time in the Faroe Islands they set sail and staked out a northwestern course. Floke brought three ravens to guide him on his journey. After a few days of sailing Floke released the ravens.

The first raven returned to the ship immediately, the second flew up in the air and then returned to the ship. The third raven flew up in front of the ship and led them to Iceland. After this Floke was nicknamed Ravnafloke.

Later when Floke returned to Norway he told that the land he had discovered was worthless.

Despite this, he later went back to Iceland and settled there. Floke lived for the rest of his life in Iceland.